News Snippet 5 September 2012

Dripping rain off the roof made for a surreal morning to wake up to today and looking outside everything looked sparkling clean – the wheat coloured grass forming the backround stage to the almost pitch black branches of trees and shrubs and where rain s hung precariously to the branches before plopping to the soil. We measured 2mm and at the gate 3mm. It’s still drizzling at the moment (07h20) and it looks as though it’s set in, well at least for today anyway. The night before last Simon (B19) had seen something with spots deep in the bush on the South of the causeway which disappeared and Francois (B14) arrived to see if he could also find the spotted feline. After a while and almost giving up, Francois turned back to head to the North when right in front of him a magnificent male leopard ambled past and strutted his way across the bridge. Lion continue to call and again all night a single lion sounded as though he was walking up and down Instant Alley roaring every so often. Well here’s welcoming more rain – will keep you updated.