News Snippet 6 August 2012

Gosh it”s been terribly quiet despite having eleven units in residence. What”s happened?? I can tell you though that the ele”s are keeping everyone on their toes as they have been felling trees all over causing road blocks. Joe came across

another specie of tree yesterday that shouldn’t be flowering at this time of the year and that”s the Sjambok Pod. Just like the Knobthorn’s, which by the way are still in flower, they are totally confused by the extremely dry period experienced after the floods in January where no, or very little, rain fell and now they think it”s time to start flowering!! They should only flower late September to October. We also had a leopard in our driveway last night as I found his/her spoor on the corner again – just wish we could be lucky enought to see him/her though.