News snippet 6 June 2012

Another bracing morning!!! This time our minimum was 8 degrees and the weather man predicts much colder weather to arrive from Sunday onwards! Not looking too forward to that. Joe’s had some of our staff working around the units cutting fire breaks with a brush cutter, and then raking the cut grass away, which has made the job far quicker to complete than in the past when they used slashers. Joe also saw fresh lion spoor on the road to B29 this morning – and there are lots and lots of night creature spoor every day on the road to the office – civet, genet?? Mary Maluleke, the most recent lady to join our housekeeping team, has completed her first year at ONGR and started her annual leave today. She came to the office yesterday to thank Joe and I for employing her and said that although she makes mistakes every now and then, we always forgive her. She then wrapped her arms around me to say thank you. Such a warm feeling and so unexpected…..Africa is so special