News Snippet 6 September 2012

Well, what a wet day yesterday ended up being with it drizzling, sometimes softly and sometimes hard, all through the day which continued through the night. We measured this morning a further 10mm here at the office and 8mm at the main gate. Last year our first rain fell during the week beginning 15 August and then there was no further rain until the end of October. Let’s hope that we won’t have the same pattern this year as the new leaves and grass that will soon burst through will just be burnt off. Despite the incumbent weather, at midday yesterday, Jurgen, on his way to the office came across the large male lion on Camp road near the junction to B30 and Kenny, also on his way to the office, found another young male lion at the junction of Instant Alley near Marula Drive. Other than that no other sightings have been reported, but then no one is out driving in this weather.