News snippet 7 January 2013

You all might have been wondering what’s going on as there’s not been any updates on weather or sightings recently? Once again the electricity cable that feeds the lower Sedumoni, office, management and staff houses blew on Friday afternoon at 14h30! As a result of this we also had no water for 24 hours until Joe was able to re-route water to 2 Tanks via the borehole near Kudu pan. The electrician who we’ve used in the past advised that they couldn’t come out until Tuesday, 8th January, but gave us another contact also from Hoedspruit. He arrived on Friday late but before he’d got to locating the fault, his equipment packed up! He came back on Saturday and set to work to try and locate where the actual fault was, but once again his equipment packed up before he could find the fault. He advised us that he would go back to Hoedspruit to get another machine and come back that afternoon but then phoned to say he would only be back on Sunday morning. So another night was spent in the dark with no fans and the poor staff had to cook over coals again. Sunday morning arrived and promptly at 07h00 the electrician arrived and set to work again. This time he was successful and located the fault and by 15h30 the electricity was back on and it was with much jubilation from all of us affected to know that we’d have a decent nights sleep last evening. The awful elephant was back again on the property this past week but thankfully he took himself back into Grietjie before making contact with anyone. Kenny had the big male lion, Shaka, at his unit this morning at 05h30, which is super news as our lions haven’t been seen in a while although they have been heard by members. We seem to have two breeding herds of ele’s at the moment, one with about 10 individuals and the other much larger with about 50! The bush is extremely dry and we so need rain, so please start your rain dances!!!