News snippet 7 June 2012

Another cool morning registering 8 degrees again but somehow not making noses run like yesterday…. A pair of Collared sunbirds have found a Grewia Sulcata (Stellar Raisin bush) in full flower near the entrance to unit A3. These little birds with their bright iridescent green upperparts and rich yellow underparts, the male having a blue and purple collar, dart in amongst the white/cream flowers sipping the nectar and are quite unperturbed by us watching them close by. This raisin bush is the only one to have white/cream coloured flowers. A lion was heard roaring again last night at about 9pm in the Sedumoni near B29/B1 and called again much later and then this morning at about 5am. He will most probably begin doing his rounds again as he’s done during the past month, keeping us awake most of the early hours of the morning!