News snippet 8 August 2012

Wow, what a day yesterday turned out to be!! We were whipped with icy cold winds, so much so that it felt as though everything had been turned inside out – trees and shrubs took on different postures to what they normally were and dust battered us eventually leaving a grimy film coating everything. The icy wind made it too awful to go out on game

drives but there were a few brave bodies who braved it. Waking up this morning the higher points were bathed in crystal clear sunrise colours of golden yellow and everything looked crisp – the sky being especially clear with some clouds in the distance. We heard that the highveld had had snow yesterday and thought you’d like the attached photo, which Joe took on his way out of the reserve yesterday, captioned “Snow on Olifants”. There was a lion kill found on Instant Alley early yesterday morning, just near our house, and Bill and Kelly from B12 came across 2 lionesses with very full bellies at the turnoff from camp road to B30. We’re surmising that it was them that made the kill and were on their way to Wildebeeste to drink when Bill and Kelly saw them. Exciting stuff!!