News Snippet 8 July 2012

What a way to start this beautiful day – walking around our garden with a steaming mug of coffee at 6h15 there was the most peculiar sound coming from Instant Alley – a kind of a roar mixed with high pitched screams and it was happening every 5 minutes or so. Dashing through the house to the front verandah I could now distinctly hear the roaring of lion coming closer and closer and the next minute I looked towards the office and there were two lion that appeared to be chasing each other. A territorial altercation is what first went through my mind but then what was the

high pitched squeal about? After radioing in the sighting I met Jason, from A9, coming down camp road to pick up his wife and guests to go and see if they could find the lion. Jason radioed shortly afterwards to say that there was a breeding herd of elephant on Instant Alley as well and that they were also chasing the lions from their youngsters – so that’s why there was so much squealing going on! As it was now time for me to start work I had to leave and head for the office, although I’d far rather hve been looking for lion then sitting at a desk! Pat, from B3, had also come in looking for the elusive lion, and although the lion kept on roaring, there was just no way that they wanted to be found. Pat had been down the road to B5 and he’s convinced that they are deep in the bush near the unit, but that he’d also seen spoor of cubs. Could this be a lionesses’ fight to protect her cubs??