News snippet 8 March 2013

It’s been terribly recently with not many members having been down to the reserve to visit. However, I’ll be eating my words in a week or two when we’ll have an influx, due to the public holiday on the 21st and then Easter the following weekend. As a reminder, please remember that no traversing on Olifants River is permitted from 29 March till 2 April 2013. However friends and families will be able to socialise together across the river but such traversing is restricted to accessing the unit being visited only. We ask that you please respect these rules to avoid the terms, in the Reciprocal Traversing Agreement, being re-instated. We’ve had a total of 659mm rain for the season to date, which is absolutely incredible. The veld is looking magnificent grass tall, vegetation thick and trees still cloaked in leaves. The commiphora trees that were attacked by hairy catapillars have even begun to sprout new leaves and the Purple Pod Terminalia trees, if I recall correctly, have experienced their third flowering this season. The electricity cable feeding the office, staff village, our house and the Lower Sedumoni units blew twice this month. An order has been placed to install a new cable but the manufacturers are having to make it up specially so it might still be a while still before this is can commence.