News snippet 9 August 2013

What an amazing month it”s been with regards to sightings.

Beginning on the 1st, Ian and Anita found a herd of approximately 15 buffalo on camp road whilst on their was to the office. One the 2nd Peter (B1) found 5 lion on the old airstrip and John (B35) found a leopard on the causeway. The buffalo herd were once again seen by Ian and Anita on the 4th. On the 5th Peter (B1) found 2 lionesses and a cub on Camp road, the herd of 15 buffalo and a breeding herd of elephant at Wildebeest dam. On the 6th Peter (B1) was sitting quietly at the end of Aviary road when an elephant breeding herd of about 70 strong surrounded him, the matriarch clearly not happy he was there. Before he knew it, the herd had surrounded him and kept him stuck in the middle for about an hour and a half. He also found two klipspringer with a baby at the Rocky Horror lookout.

Elephant continue to cause havoc with the water pipes that lead from 4 tanks, especially near units 16, 26 and 27. Hardly a day goes past when 4 tanks is emptied because of their insatiable interest in pulling up the pipes! We”ve tried spraying creosote near the valves, which did deter them for a while, but then they must have got used to the smell as not before long, they were back at it again. Concrete blocks have also been built around the valves, and rocks packed, but this too has not deterred them and they”ve been found smashed! Oh dear…… hurry up rains!

The knob thorn trees are an absolute spectacle at the moment some of the beautiful maroon buds are still closed but the majority are displaying their exquisite cream blooms bringing splashes of colour to the surrounding bush.

That”s it for now, will keep you updated as soon as news comes in.

Until next time, take care