News snippet 9 June 2012

Can you believe this? The temperature yesterday reached 30 degrees – this for June! While heading up Camp Road Joe had a puff adder cross in front of him – even too warm for hibernation! Tha Acacia Xanthophloea/ Fever tree near the clubhouse has started bursting into bloom – Palgraves says flowering August/September sometimes July! – and this is June? We are carrying out extensive ‘gardening’ around the camp – no not flower beds and annuals – but removing the dead undergrowth – and we have been rewarded with the sighting of the Hueglins Robin scratching away in the leaf litter. Such a special bird. The Aloe Chabaudii planted in the clubhouse gardens are sending up tall flower spikes, which in about another week of ‘warm weather’ will be opening and attracting the sunbird brigade. The Schotia brachypetala/Weeping Boerbean in the office gardens have been pruned into shape’ and will be staked today.