Olifants North member hospitalised for a suspected Violin Spider bite

Below is an email I received today from Fritha Davidson (unit B3). Please be very aware of these spiders – they look just

like the “”Daddy Long Legs”” spiders we all know!

Hi Kari

Doug has been in hospital for a suspected violin spider bite on his right hand – last week to remove the necrotic tissue and today for a skin graft to repair the R5 coin size hole in his finger. He is not entirely sure where the spider got him – could be in our garage here in Johannesburg but he thinks it was when he was switching on the gas when we were last down at Olifants – he remembers seeing some sizeable webs and a number of spiders in the cool, dark, quiet place where we keep our gas cylinders. I thought it worth telling you about it as maybe you can warn other members to be aware of potential spider bites and to get medical help as soon as a pimple/mozzie bite looks infected.

Doug didn’t feel the bite at the time and was conscious of a small pimple on his hand that was a bit itchy when we were driving home – this then got infected and he eventually went to the doctor about 10 days later – she tried to drain it and put him on antibiotics but two days later sent him to a surgeon who immediately admitted him and cut away the dead tissue and removed the site of the bite. His whole hand and forearm will be immobilised for the next 10 days to help the skin graft to take and then he will have some physio to remobilise the hand. Luckily the tendon in his finger has not been affected as this would then have had to be rebuilt before the skin graft could be made! All this schlep for a little pimple!

Hope you guys are well!