Snippet 20 May 2013

I”m afraid there”s still no good news on the escaped wild dogs. It feels as though we”ve been chasing our tails, no pun intended!! Yesterday the much reduced pack, now numbering 12 animals, were seen on the tar road again, this time near the Mopane Country Lodge near Phalaborwa. They then moved into another farm belonging to the same hunter where they were found a few days ago.

Two impala carcasses were injected with tranquilizers and two of our anti-poaching personnel camped out last evening in the corner of the farm where the carcasses lay. They were supplied with radio”s and cell phones and head-lamps, in order to call should the dogs arrive to feed, but nothing came in through the night. It is with great appreciation and thanks to our members and friends who have very kindly donated equipment and sleeping bags for our anti-poaching unit, which we were put to good use this last evening.

Any further updates will be posted as I receive them.

It”s a really cold morning today, 12 degrees, and on my way to work I came across impala and waterbuck, their coats pin-pricked due to the chill in the air. It looks as though the day will be super later on compared to the “”wishy washy””” days we”ve had of late.

Until next time, take care