Snippet 22 November 2014

The Woodland Kingfishers have arrived!!! From far and wide their melodious trilling can be heard. What a magical sound it is.

Rain, well if can call it rain?, has fallen over the past 2 nights. 2.75mm on th 20th and 2.875mm last night. The total for the month of November so far is 9.875mm and for the season to date 40.725mm. For November last year we had a total of 33.25mm and the season to date was 79.75mm. It”s not looking too promising that we”re going to have a good season again and we”re believe we”re heading into a drought. Let”s hope we”re wrong!

Brand new impala lambs have been born and nurseries of these little ones are being found all over the bush.

Redchested, Diederik and Jacobin cuckoos have also arrived spying out other birds nests to parasitise.

It”s exciting times again as the bush begins to come more alive!

Until next time take care