Tips November 2013

To give your vehicle a more comfortable ride on those long game drives try bringing your tyre pressures down to about

1.8bar, the difference in ride is noticeably more comfortable.
If you do try this, be aware that the side walls will become more susceptible to be punctured by sticks etc. so if you do not have tyres on with super tough side walls be extra careful when doing those U-Turns that take you off the road slightly.

Next time you need to buy tyres consider getting tyres with extra tough sidewalls, a minimum of 9 to ten ply sidewalls would be ideal to minimize sidewall punctures, a great but expensive option are BF Goodrich “”Jeep”” range at 14ply sidewall rating.
There are cheap Chinese options available but only for the 16inch rims which are the size used by all Landrovers, Toyota Landcruisers etc., for the Toyota Hilux’s with the 15inch rims the choices are more limited.

Avoid using water from Olifants straight out the tap for topping up your Radiator, the water has high mineral content that quickly clogs radiators and cooling systems, rather use filtered water from your unit or bring down water from town that has been processed by a municipality, also, add around 50% Anti-freeze to the water, apart from helping with “”freezing”” which is not an issue at Olifants North, Anti-freeze prevents corrosion in the cooling system