Tips – October 2013

Have the valleys of your roofs cleared of debris and leaf litter regularly, this is the area on thatch roofs that go 1st

because debris rots in the valleys and start rotting the thatch below.

Trim back any branches or twigs that rub against your thatch in the wind/breeze, this stops the thatch being “”rubbed off”” in these areas.

Clary of Bushmasters says that he sees many Game Viewers with 1st and 2nd gear, in the gearboxes, totally worn whilst the remaining gears are still pristine. The reason for this is simple as we idle along for 99% of the time we do not go past 2nd in High Range. The solution to this problem is to drive in Low Range on the reserve, although you will tend to a higher set of gears, say 3rd and 4th, for most driving. You will still use the full range of gears more often thereby sharing the load more evenly across the gears. A positive spin off of this habit will be that you will always be in 4 Wheel Drive (particularly the “”Part Time”” 4 Wheel Drive vehicles) which is far better for our roads.

Try starting Game Drives at 2 am and have a chance to see Nocturnal stuff and watch the world come alive from about 4.30 am….try this in summer it could be a tad chilly in winter.

Pass your spotlight across the puddles at the rivers’ edge when going across the Causeway, you will see shoals of little silver fish jump out the water as the light passes over