Wild dog sighting

What an incredible start to the day it”s been!!!! Firstly Graham, unit B2, found a single wild dog on Mica hill that had a tracking collar around it”s neck. John, B35, also got to see it before it headed off.

Then our TLB driver, Johannes, called in that were wild dog at the Sedumoni Crossing. After locking the office up Anita and I dashed off behind Joe so hoping that they hadn”t moved off but there they were, 6 of them, tugging on the remains of an impala they had just killed. The excitement was contagious between everyone who witnessed the scene unfolding in front of us. We took photos with our happy snap camera”s and will soon post them to the website. Hopefully the members will also be able to give me some photos they took.

May the incredible sightings continue in this piece of paradise!

Take care,