From the banks of the perennial Olifants River, rise the slow-weathering granitic rocks that form the rolling hills of the Olifants River rugged bushveld eco zone.

Here, nestled on Southern Africa’s most ancient basement rocks, lies Olifants North Game Reserve, a share block in the heart of Balule Game Reserve which is part of the Greater Kruger National Park – an unfenced conservation area spanning 23 000 square kilometres.

With over 3 030 hectares of game-rich land and 85 kilometres of roads for members to traverse at any time of the day or night, ONGR offers an unparalleled experience for those with homes here. A reciprocal traversing agreement allows access to Olifants River Game Reserve extending the possible adventures to another 6 500 hectares and 230 kilometres of roads.

It is a place to disconnect from the ‘busyness’ of everyday life and reconnect to our natural, ancient rhythms through the perfect African symphony surrounding one.
Big open skies, birdsong and close encounters with wild animals in their natural habitat allows one to become immersed in the beauty of a world without words.

Here, the art of the afternoon nap is perfected, the sundowner spots are legendary, lifelong friendships are formed and long evenings spent around a fire under Africa’s infinite starlit sky leads one to a deeper understanding of the importance that the wilderness plays in the wellness of our minds, body and soul. And in return, our innate responsibility to preserve this invaluable piece of Africa.