As you are no doubt aware, Nicci Cox B19 and our senior Field Ranger, James Manzini, have been hard at work since the end of last year, removing SD cards from the various trail cameras set up at strategic points all over the farm

The downloads from these cards, managed by the Assistant Warden, Bernard Haasbroek, have been  epic, not only in terms of the various species captured on camera, but the sheer magnitude of the number of images captured out there in the field

This euphoria however, was some what short lived. In the interim, the team established a major problem; given the extent of the activity in the field, the cameras were going through batteries faster than some of our members are able to blitz through a six pack of beers on a sweltering summer afternoon

This dilemma called for action, some strategic thinking, something slightly different, outside of the box, so to speak

Hence the need for collaboration with a common purpose: to agree on an alternate power source that would, amongst other things, be robust, relatively maintenance free and long lasting in the field; akin to a simple social partnership between member, management and labour

The end result is the solar powered trail camera as pictured above

These “works of technological art” will be installed across the farm in the coming weeks and are guaranteed to pay even more dividends

I have no doubt that most of us cannot wait to see the trail camera images to be posted on this group and published in the next newsletter